World-Shaker: Censorship at its Finest: One teacher's story of how ignorant parents ruined education



This was originally posted here, but was taken down by the author due to too many readers contacting (harassing) the author’s former superintendent and school district. With respect, this story is too important to die. Please don’t abuse this by contacting the district. If you wish to respect…

I feel sick inside having read this.  My kids are about to hit these years of school, and this is what their teachers are facing?  I hate other parents.  I hate those shallow, stupid, soul-bankrupt hicks and their Nancy Grace-esque addiction to drama and promoting idiocy and blandness and fetish for ignorance.

Important read. It’s criminal that we accept/condone/promote educators being treated this way.

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    Please read this and reblog. I’m going to school to teach English, and this was the most inspiring and heartbreaking...
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    Long, but worth it.
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    this makes me extremely, extremely angry at the level of ignorance shown by grown adults here. they can all go fuck...
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    I couldn’t agree more, Ashley. This…this makes me profoundly sick to read. Why do we attack our own education in this...
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    One of my greatest fears as a teacher is dealing with parents like the ones in this article. The absolute ignorance...
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    Damn :(
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    The whole thing is a must-read. Absolutely heartbreaking.
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    this has been another installment of “Rei is a perfect human being 2k11”
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    ^ commentary
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    Ugh, I hate stories like this. Parents like that…. Ugh. I feel so sorry for their kids.
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    This scares the HELL out of me. Just a half step away from Fahrenheit 451.
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    I… I just feel so disgusted at both the parents involved in this, and with the school board and superintendent who were...
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    Well these books are technically banned at our school as well, but we completely ignore it as does the school district...
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    Gonna keep it short because I know I could probably ramble on about this. When I read and hear about these things, I...
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    Not to mention that reading is still such a valuable skill and that’s not emphasized enough. I remember a couple years...
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    Considering all of the vastly “controversial” books I read as part of curriculum, the fact that parents would actually...
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    This makes me absolutely sick. At least they’re reading and enjoying it. They may move on to bigger and better books....
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    Beautiful, perfect response. ^
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    Oh good. Little girls can read Twilight, which is misogynistic bullshit which teaches our children the rape, abuse,...

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